Who infected White House spokesman Kayleigh mcenany with Covid-19? Are Kayleigh mcenany’s husband Sean Gilmartin and daughter Blake infected with Covid-19?

After Donald Trump, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany probably has the maximum highlight reel of publicly downplaying COVID-19 and claiming that the government was taking it seriously as it was not. For example, here’s McEnany telling Fox Business early on that”we will not see ailments like the coronavirus come here,” which, she opined, was”refreshing when contrasted with the dreadful presidency of President [Barack] Obama.”

Who infected White House spokesman Kayleigh mcenany with Covid-19? Are Kayleigh mcenany’s husband Sean Gilmartin and daughter Blake infected with Covid-19?

McEnany is the hottest White House staffer to test positive for the virus, adding to questions about how prevalent the West Wing outbreak will become. McEnany’s analysis is a stark reminder that the government has flouted science and best practices before as well as after the President tested positive. She continued to publicly shirk mask usage in today since President Donald Trump and other staffers and outside advisers tested positive for the virus.

She had been scheduled to appear on Fox News on Monday morning however, the appearance was canceled. The press secretary later shared she had been positive for the virus.
McEnany and her two deputies, Chad Gilmartin and Karoline Leavitt, are one of at least 18 people people from the White House, or linked to Trump’s reelection effort or into recent White House events, who have tested positive for Covid-19 since late last week.

“After analyzing negative consistently, for example every day since Thursday, I tested positive for COVID-19 about Monday morning when experiencing no symptoms,” McEnany said on Twitter.
“No reporters, producers, or members of the press are listed as close contacts by the White House Medical Unit.”
In the wake of McEnany’s self-disclosure regarding her diagnosis, colleagues resisted their own review of the White House press staff’s casual attitude toward wearing masks and social distancing from the months since the pandemic began.

McEnany stated she is asymptomatic but might isolate for an indeterminate period, meaning that she won’t be running briefings. It remains unclear whether they will continue without her. No other member of the White House media team has conducted a televised briefing since Trump appointed McEnany press secretary.

McEnany Won’t state when Trump last tested negative for coronavirus (AP)
Some colleagues expressed bitterness of McEnany, a former spokeswoman for Trump’s reelection, in addition to the White House personnel in general for often failing to put on masks at the presence of reporters over the past few months. As recently as Sunday, McEnany went maskless through an informal question-and-answer session with journalists.

Here she is claiming that Trump never uttered the coronavirus on the day Bob Woodward released audio tapes of him admitting he had done exactly that:
Here she is, on the day the death toll reached 186,000 in the United States, assaulting Nancy Pelosi over an unfortunate haircut:
And here she is insisting that 200,000 dead people only proved how awesome Trump was at tackling the virus:
While McEnany may be surprised at the virus not only coming to the United States but penetrating her bloodstream, she clearly should not be, given her long-documented disdain for mask-wearing and following other guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Back in June, when asked when she would be wearing a mask at one of their president packed rallies, she stated she would not be because it had been a”private choice.” And on Friday, after her boss and his wife, together with a number of her coworkers, tested positive for COVID-19, she performed her”essential” job of lying to the media face covering, a move she pulledtests notes, and yesterday.

Within her statement Monday morning, McEnany said that she will”begin the quarantine process” and”continue working on behalf of the American People remotely.” Trump campaign director Bill Stepien and former top adviser Kellyanne Conway have also tested positive as have former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who aided Trump prepare for the first presidential debate, and three Republican senators.
Three White House journalists have also tested positive for the virus.
“At this moment we are not aware of additional cases among White House journalists, even though we understand a few are awaiting test results. We strongly urge our associates to keep on following CDC guidance on mask-wearing and distancing — particularly when in the White House — and encourage journalists to seek out testing if they had been potentially exposed.”

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