Timothée Chalamet’s embarrassing smooch

Chalamet’s embarrassing smooch

Timothée Chalamet is feeling a little overwhelmed, said Daniel Riley in GQ.
Unexpectedly a coveted celebrity, Chalamet will now star in an upcoming Bob Dylan biopic and a version of Dune. He spent time this summer at a cottage in Woodstock, N.Y., trying to escape the spotlight. Had he not,”I would’ve been a psychopath or something,” he says. The attention actually got to him last year after paparazzi snapped him smooching his former girlfriend, celebrity Lily-Rose Depp, on the deck of a ship in a holiday on the Italian island of Capri. The net went crazy over one chance of Chalamet contorting himself for a kiss, so awkwardly that people wondered whether it had been a publicity stunt. “I went to bed that night thinking which has been among the greatest days of my life,” Chalamet states. And waking up to these pictures, feeling ashamed, and looking just like a true nob [wealthy jerk].
And then people are like,’This is really a PR stunt.’ Do you think I’d Want to seem like that in front of all of you?”

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