The Worth family returns for a third and ?nal outing of gripping thriller Tin Star

The season two ?nale of Tin Star threw up many large questions for fans — especially, who is Anna’s (Abigail Lawrie) actual dad now that the secret would be out that Jim/Jack (Tim Roth, pictured) is not her biological father? And precisely what is the fate of the Worth family as soon as they went their separate ways in the wake of the shooting? Luckily, one thing is con?rmed: the trio is alive and well when the third and ?nal instalment picks back up.

Titled Tin Star: Liverpool, this last chapter — comprising only six episodes — is not put from the Canadian Rockies, but instead where the Worths’ story began some 20 years ago, at the northwest of England.
But it is not long before their arrival and the secrets they carry with them catches the attention of Merseyside’s underworld crime boss Michael Ryan (Ian Hart) — a man the Worths would be wise to steer clear of.
Genevieve O’Reilly, who plays matriarch Angela Worth, says the cast and crew have formed a lovely, tight-knit family after three seasons working collectively.
“There was only a fantastic respect for each other gift on set daily and a lovely synchronicity between us,” she beams. “It is wonderful to be in a group of celebrities that are so committed and they are all pulling and striving and reaching and pushing collectively for [the series ] to be as good as we could possibly make it.” For more excellent British play, turn to page 22 to our feature on COBRA.

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