The Dennis Villeneuve’s adaptation of “dune” is officially released,Timothée Chalamet as our hero Paul

The Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of “Dune” movie’s plot and movie characters are played by those stars

After a great deal of waiting, the first trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s version of Dune is now here. It has an almost impossibly star-studded cast — there is everybody from Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet to Jason Momoa and Oscar Isaac — combined with impressive collection design and, yes, gigantic sandworms. But it’s also based on a classic sci-fi publication that has been infamously hard to adapt for the big screen.
Based on the 1965 book by Frank Herbert, the new movie follows the 1984 original film and a 2000 television series. It centers across the desert planet, and the spice melange that’s located on it, which is one of the most invaluable resources in the universe.

The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve, who is no stranger to the sci-fi genre, having led”Blade Runner 2049″ and”Arrival.”
There is a whole lot going against Denis Villeneuve’s big-screen adaptation of Dune. For one, Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi book may be an unadaptable textso sprawling and dense that the inscrutable legend David Lynch couldn’t make sense of it. Can Villeneuve do any better, and pull in the type of audience that would justify what appears to be such a costly ordeal from Warner Bros.? (Herbert’s material isn’t exactly as eloquent as Star Wars, although Paul Atreides might despise sand greater than Anakin Skywalker.) There’s also the fact that Villeneuve’s Dune is supposed to arrive in December, at a time when moviegoers might (quite understandably) still be hesitant to return to theatres in droves amid a worldwide pandemic.

The trailer started during a terrific Zoom-style throw interview on Twitter hosted by Stephen Colbert. Highlights include Villeneuve speaking about how he wanted to shoot in a real desert. “My argument was that they didn’t shoot’Jaws’ in a swimming pool,” he explained. Actor Jason Momoa describes his personality (Duncan Idaho) as”the greatest f**king warrior from the world.”
Villeneuve’s”Dune” really shouldn’t be compared to the hugely underrated 1984 movie version, directed by David Lynch, since these two adaptations are 36 decades apart. While Lynch’s film was many decades before its own time, filmmaking has come a ways since then.

This casting of this sci-fi epic poem was motivated, including Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
This casting of the sci-fi epic was inspired, such as Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
“Dune” is the best franchise for Villeneuve to breathe fresh life into, and honestly, the throw is beyond our wildest expectations.
From the brand new trailer, we get a brief glimpse of Bautista as Rabban (who looks amazing) and just the smallest of glimpse at Skarsgård as the Baron. There is also some extraordinary cinematography of this surface of Arrakis plus of course a giant pig in the end.

For a book,”Dune” was sequeled, prequeled, turned into several TV miniseries and accommodated into beloved computer games. Most famously, David Lynch directed (then disowned) a film version in 1984. And while Lynch’s”Dune” has some spectacular moments, it was also a box office bomb, and very few book fans would believe it a faithful or productive adaptation. (Alejandro Jodorwosky’s unsuccessful effort to film the book was the topic of a separate documentary.) Plus it boasts an all-star cast — Chalamet is joined by Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem, among others.

Unlike the Lynch version, this fresh”Dune” is just expected to adapt the first half of this book, with a planned sequel managing the rest. And while Warner Bros. is releasing the film, its parent company WarnerMedia is also likely a spinoff TV series for HBO Max, together with Villeneuve directing the pilot.

Who are the characters? Oscar Isaac plays Paul’s father, Duke Leto Atreides. Rebecca Ferguson plays his mom, Lady Jessica. Both warriors Gurney Halleck and Duncan Idaho who end up coaching Paul in combat are played by Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa.

“Dune” is scheduled for launch in theaters on December 18, 2020. Will that actually occur? Well, Christopher Nolan’s”Tenet” (also from Warner Bros.) is the first blockbuster film in theatres since the pandemic started, and it seems to be doing fairly well, especially outside the United States.

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