Scott’s appellate attorney, Cliff Gardner, has revealed they have”brand new forensic and eyewitness evidence of innocence.”

On the jury misconduct issue,” Scott’s sister-in-law, Janey Peterson, tells In Touch. “Since the court takes a closer look, we’re confident they will find enough evidence to warrant a change of Scott’s conviction. We look forward to Scott being awarded a new trial.”

Richelle, who’s rocked by the news of a possible new trial, insists she”did not lie to get on this trial to fry Scott,” whom she’s always believed is guilty. However, her relationship with him after the trial has certainly raised eyebrows. “I do not really discuss the letters to too a lot of men and women. It is definitely not something I walk around and brag about,” she states of reaching him out in 2005. “But from the people who do understand, I receive a mixed reaction. After that first letter, some said,’Don’t continue. Don’t write him again.'”
But apparently she could not help herself, sending him more than a dozen four-page notes. Scott’s answers were seductively sweet: He showers her with compliments, expresses interest in her own life and asks for her guidance. And while Richelle asserts she didn’t fall in love with himas some may believe, she does have empathy for Scott. “This has to eat at him. When he comes clean [concerning the murder], I don’t know whether it will make things simpler, but it will put his mind at ease.”
For years, Richelle was deeply saddened about her bizarre connection to Scott. “I detained a man for killing his wife and I’m his fing pen pal,” she explained in the 2007 book We, the Jury: Deciding the Scott Peterson Case. What went wrong in my life? What happened to me? That is why I am on so much medication.” The fact he may now get a second chance because of her is”devastating for me personally, sickening for mepersonally,” she claims.
And that is looking increasingly more inclined. Scott’s appellate attorney, Cliff Gardner, has revealed they have”brand new forensic and eyewitness evidence of innocence.” Many of Scott and Laci’s neighbors have claimed they saw her on Dec. 24, 2002, hours after prosecutors think she was murdered, but police ignored them. And one girl believes she saw two men yelling in Laci that afternoon, indicating potentially horrific new specifics about what may have happened in her final 24 hours. “The truth is, even with all this juror lying, there’s a really major chance that Scott could get a new trial,” says Beverly Hills legal analyst Jeffrey W. Steinberger, who is not involved in this case. “They require a fair conviction — and they don’t have a neutral certainty”

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