Results of early voting in the US presidential election,Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr, the Democratic Party, is 2-1 ahead of the Republican Donald Trump

What happened?

Setting records: Voters lined up in North Miami, Fla.

With two weeks to go until Election Day, voters shattered records for early balloting this week, as passions stirred by Donald Trump’s divisive presidency delivered Americans streaming to the polls. Some 42 million votes had been cast by Tuesday, ac- cording to the U.S. Election Project– nearly a third the entire number of votes cast in 2016. In states that offered a party breakdown of the ancient votes, registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 2 to 1. Voters in some nations endured long lines; in Georgia, some waited as long as 11 hours on opening day. “I really wanted to ensure my voice was heard,” said Everlean Rutherford, who stood in line for 10 hours in Marietta, Ga.”I wish to see a change in this nation.” Biden leads Trump by about 10 points in aggregate national polls, with varying leads to every swing state, and near margins in GOP strongholds such as Georgia and Texas. Trump’s effort is low on cash after burning through $1 billion, with just $63 million in its coffers at the start of the month compared with Biden’s $177 million. Trump has been outspent on TV advertisements by 2 to 1.
Trump embarked on a ?urry of campaign , where he aired his grievances against the press and assaulted his rivals. Appearing before largely maskless crowds in preceding red states now turned purple for example Georgia and Arizona, Trump known as Biden a”offender,” invited a”Lock her up” chant aimed at Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, also disparaged the authorities top infectious-disease expert, Anthony Fauci, as”a tragedy.” He lashed out in a Supreme Court decision to let stand a Pennsylvania court ruling that refused a GOP bid to cut off counting of mail-in votes that arrive after Election Day–a significant success for Biden. “It is crazy,” Trump said.
As Trump barnstormed,” Biden’s campaign manager, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, issued a memo to donors warning of complacency, saying the race stays”neck and neck” in key battleground states and is”a whole lot closer” than pun- dits suggest. Wisconsin party chair Ben Wikler stated that Democrats still sufferfrom injury over Hillary Clin- ton’s shocking defeat in 2016 have”a
Deep-rooted feel that anything could fail at every moment.”
What the editorials stated “The worst president in modern history,” Trump has damaged our reputation around the globe,”abused the power of his of?ce,” and participated in”rampant corruption” and”incompetent statecraft.” He is a”racist demagogue” who’s made America”more polarized, more paranoid, and meaner.”
Voters should repudiate Trump and everything he stands for. It is”that the ?rst step in fixing the damage he has done.”
Conservatives”have our job cut out for us,” said National Review. For the ?rst time in a decade,”Americans could ?nd themselves living under all-Democratic rule” On issues from health care to immigration, the Democratic Party has taken a”leftward lurch” that Biden–a politician of feeble
Convictions–will not resist. If Election Day brings disaster, we could thank Trump. While he has done much to further conservative objectives, his managerial incompetence on the coronavirus his personality defects”now threaten to drag conservatism down to a consequential and avoidable defeat”
What the columnists stated
This isn’t 2016, said Philip Bump in The Washington Post. In that race ?nal days, undecideds shifted decisively toward Trump. But polls show there aren’t many undecideds in this race. Biden has far superior favorability ratings than the divisive Clinton, along with his direct”has been much more stable.” Trump”can’t grab Biden without steal- ing assistance from Biden,” he has not been able to do.
Don’t count Trump out, said David Siders in Republicans have an edge in newvoter enrollment. Just a few points separate the two candidates in many swing states, and questions linger about the accuracy of polls and the number of”bashful Trump voters” who may not speak to pollsters. Many mail-in ballots could be disquali?ed on techni- calities. “Anxiety-ridden” Democrats are right to worry.
Trump is not acting like he wants to win, said Matt Lewis in Instead of drawing in wavering voters, he has doubled down unhinged tweets and”offensive rhetoric” while neglecting to negotiate a pandemic relief bill that could have helped”distressed Americans.” He could not be hurting himself more if he tried.
“We are overthinking this campaign,” explained Tim Alberta at I have heard it from voters”all across America”; even”MAGA loyalists” telephone his erratic behaviour”exhausting” Voters might have selected Trump in 2016
Since the candidate they would rather have a beer with, but now he’s the”drunk in the bar” that”won’t close up.” After four years, Americans appear ready to phone for the tab.
What ?
Swing-state polls predicting a Clinton success were incorrect in 2016, but pollsters say”2020 will be different,” said Laurel White in Their review of their own methodology has led them to conclude that individuals most likely to respond to polls are normally college-educated Democrats. It’s also important to be aware that”state – wide surveys were largely correct” in 2016. Clinton came into Election Day with a 3 percent edge in the average of national surveys; she actually won the popular vote at 2.1 percent. There’s 1 pollster who predicts a Trump win on Nov. 3, said Kyle
Smith at Robert Cahaly, who correctly called Trump’s 2016 wins in Michigan and Pennsylvania, thinks that Trump haters are eager to give pollsters an earful, while his supporters”do not need to be bothered,” skewing the numbers. Cahaly is going”way, way out on a limb,” but if he proves right, he will be”the king of pollsters.”

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