Ren Zhiqiang, former chairman of Beijing Huayuan Group, was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment by the Communist Party of China Court

On Tuesday, China’s court sentenced China to a 18 year old China property tycoon on corruption charges. The tycoon condemned the Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. The purpose of this severe punishment is to suppress dissent.

Ren Zhiqiang is a real estate businessman in China and also a famous “red second generation” of the Communist Party of China. Earlier this year, he wrote a harsh criticism of China’s leader Xi Jinping. His friends believed that the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of Ren Zhiqiang was “political persecution”.

The Beijing court said Ren used his previous position to accept bribes and embezzle public funds, and accused him of illegal profits of more than 19.41 million yuan. But Ren Zhiqiang’s supporters believe that this heavy punishment is a punishment for his sharp criticism of Xi Jinping.

Ren Zhiqiang, former chairman of Beijing Huayuan Group, was sentenced for 18 years and fined 4.2 million yuan for corruption

On September 22, 2020, the second intermediate people’s Court of Beijing Municipality publicly sentenced Ren Zhiqiang, former chairman of Beijing Huayuan Group Co., Ltd., on corruption, bribery, misappropriation of public funds and abuse of power by state-owned company personnel.

The court found that the defendant Ren Zhiqiang embezzled more than 49.74 million yuan of public funds, accepted more than 1.25 million yuan of bribes, misappropriated 61.2 million yuan of public funds by taking advantage of his position from 2003 to 2017. His abuse of power caused a particularly heavy loss of more than 116.7 million yuan to the state-owned holding enterprises. His Chinese shareholder Huayuan Group lost more than 53.78 million yuan in property, and Ren Zhiqiang made a personal profit of more than 19.41 million yuan.

The court held that the defendant Ren Zhiqiang’s acts constituted the crime of corruption, bribery, misappropriation of public funds and the crime of abuse of power by state-owned company personnel, which should be punished according to law. In view of the fact that the defendant Ren Zhiqiang voluntarily and truthfully confessed all his crimes, admitted all the facts of the alleged crimes, and voluntarily accepted the judgment of the court, and all the illegal gains have been recovered, the Court adopted the sentencing proposal of the public prosecution organ, punished several crimes simultaneously, executed the combined punishment of 18 years, and imposed a fine of RMB 4.2 million.

After the verdict was pronounced, Ren Zhiqiang, the defendant, said in court that he would obey the court’s judgment and not appeal.

Beijing Second Intermediate People’s court began to hear the case of Ren Zhiqiang on September 11. It was previously reported that Ren Zhiqiang’s family hired a lawyer for him, but he firmly refused to be a lawyer and asked to defend himself.

Although others have criticized the Chinese government, Ren Zhiqiang is different. He was once a well-known member of the economic elite group. He was born in a family deeply influenced by the Communist Party’s tradition, and once came close to the senior leaders of the Communist Party of China. For Ren Zhiqiang’s network, the court’s decision seems a little heavy.

Since the beginning of March, Chinese social media users have been quietly circulating an article purportedly written by Ren Zhiqiang. The article makes a sharp criticism of the Chinese government’s failure to respond to the epidemic.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia written by Ren Zhiqiang is more than 8500 words, mainly around the February 23rd Meeting of Xi Jinping, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic development work deployment conference. Ren Zhiqiang criticized China’s authorities for handling the serious dereliction of duty, pointing to the drawbacks of China’s system, and implying that Xi Jinping was “to cling to clothes and to be an emperor’s clown”.

Ren Zhiqiang said in his article that the conference, attended by 170000 people, “the whole country is cheering for the speech of the great leader. It seems that China has entered the era of the great leap forward, the era of flying red flags everywhere, holding up red books, and calling leaders” long live, long live, long live. “.

After reading the speech, he found that “what stands there is not an emperor showing his” new clothes “, but a clown who has stripped off his clothes and insisted on being an emperor. Although holding up one after another of the masks to cover up the fact that you have no clothes on at all, it doesn’t cover up your ambition to be an emperor firmly, and your determination to let you perish if you don’t let me be emperor! “

After criticizing Xi Jinping for handling the outbreak of the new crown virus, Ren Zhiqiang was arrested in March. The new coronavirus began to spread in China and around the world since the end of last year. A few months later, the Communist Party announced the expulsion of Ren Zhiqiang and said it would launch a criminal investigation into him.

Who is Ren Zhiqiang?

Ren Zhiqiang is a famous real estate businessman in China. He was elected deputy to the people’s Congress of Xicheng District of Beijing and a member of the CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee. His father, Ren Quansheng, was Vice Minister of Commerce in China.

He was also a “big V” on Chinese social media microblogs, known as “Ren cannons” for his daring words.

In 2016, Xi Jinping inspected CCTV, and CCTV played the slogan “CCTV’s surname party, absolute loyalty, please review it”. Ren Zhiqiang then questioned “the official media surnamed the party” on his microblog, saying that “when all the media have surnames and do not represent the interests of the people, the people will be abandoned to the forgotten corner!”

Subsequently, China’s national Internet information office ordered Sina, Tencent and other websites to close Ren Zhiqiang’s microblog account in accordance with the law, pointing out that Ren Zhiqiang’s microblog account continued to publish illegal information, causing adverse effects. Ren Zhiqiang was punished by staying in the party for one year. The reason given by the Party committee of Xicheng District in Beijing is: “he has repeatedly made false statements in violation of the four basic principles and the party’s line, principles and policies on microblogs, blogs and other online platforms and other public occasions.”

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