Pipistrel Panthera a speedy new design makes its US debut

Pipistrel Panthera a speedy new design makes its US debut.

After flying the Pipstrel Panthera’s first US flight on August 25, Proper Rudder Aviation at Inverness, Florida, declared that they’re now the exclusive dealer for Pipistrel’s slick new composite four-seat airplane in North, Central and South America. Andrew Chan, Right Rudder Aviation’s chief operating officer, created the first US trip of the Panthera, leaving Inverness Airport (KINF) for a 21/2-hour excursion to check the entire flight envelope of the aircraft, check all of the systems and confirm functionality figures.
“Currently, the Panthera is available as self-built experimental or factory-built accredited [aircraft],” Chan says. “Experimental airframes will soon be accessible in nine to 12 weeks, with certified deliveries slated to begin in 2022. So much in our testing [as of September], we’ve noticed a maximum cruise speed of 194 ktas, with economy cruise making 185 ktas at only 11 gph.” The self-built version will cost 416,000 euros ($497,132) and contains a certified Lycoming IO-540V-V4A5 with approximately 1,800 hours of skilled labor needed to finish the aircraft. A deposit of 50,000 euros ($59,733) is required to acquire a delivery slotmachine, and Chan estimates that, after options are included, an out-the-door price for a factory-built Panthera will be $600,000 to $700,000.
Both the factory-built airplanes and experimental kits include a glass panel based ondual G3X GDU 460s with both PFD and MFD. Options include long-range gas tanks and planned air conditioning and deicing systems.

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