Paris Hilton’s abusive childhood

Paris Hilton desires the entire world to know she’s more than a ditsy blonde, stated Laura Pullman in TheTimes (U.K.).The original influ- encer and 1990s It girl has assembled a multimillion-dollar brand on the strength of a curated picture of a jet-setting socialite who has appeared on virtually every red carpet.

That is not who she actually is, and that she is both”kindhearted” as well as smart. “I always wished to portray’I am so happy with the ideal life, the ideal boyfriend,’ but I never truly felt . I was only acting.” When she was 16, her parents sent her into the Provo Canyon School, a program for troubled children in Utah, after find- ing out she had been cutting school, going to nightclubs, and drinking. In the college, Hilton says, she was physically beaten, forced to take prescription medications, and locked in a solitary cell for punish- ment. “People who work there were wanted to torture and harm children,” Hilton says. She says the injury left her vulner- able to a succession of abusive relationships. Her years of relent- lessly seeking attention and fun, she states, will be the end result of her dark times at Provo. “I feel as though I will always be a kid at heart,” she states. “Maybe because I never chose to live my childhood that much.”

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