New York state Attorney General Letitia James would move to empanel a grand jury since it explores the asphyxiation death of Daniel Prude while in police custody in Rochester, N.Y.

Daniel Prude expired in March of asphyxiation after Rochester police officers seeking to shoot him into custody trapped him into the ground while controlling him on March 23. The death was ruled a homicide.
Video of that interaction was released Sept. 2 and has prompted daily protests by individuals outraged over it. The union representing the seven police officers in the movie has said that the cops were after protocols.
Following a third night of protests at Rochester, New York state Attorney General Letitia James stated on Saturday that her office would proceed to empanel a grand jury because it investigates the asphyxiation death of Daniel Prude while in police custody in Rochester, N.Y.

“The Prude family members and the Rochester community are through great pain and distress,” New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement. “My office will immediately move to empanel a grand jury as part of the comprehensive investigation into this matter.” The grand jury could decide whether charges should be brought in the case.
“Earlier this weekI called for the research to Daniel Prude’s death to be expedited,” he explained. “TodayI applaud Attorney General Tish James for taking swift, decisive action in empaneling a grand jury — justice delayed is justice denied and the folks of New York deserve the facts.”
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren also thanked James on Sunday. “I request that the neighborhood to allow the AG’s process to go on behalf of their Prude family,” she explained in a statement.

Mr. Prude went into cardiac arrest in a struggle with officers and died a week after. The county medical examiner branded his death a homicide caused by complications of asphyxiation in a vulnerable position. However, for months, even the authorities in Rochester treated the case for a drug overdose after PCP, or angel dust, was discovered in his blood.
Her office became aware of Mr. Prude’s departure in mid-April with the release of the autopsy’s findings, but made no public mention of this case before this weekas protests erupted nationwide over mistreatment and brutality directed at Black people from the police.

Protests erupted in Rochester, N.Y., following the 41-year-old Prude’s household released footage that pushed his own death five months ago into the national spotlight. Seven police officers were murdered as officials confronted growing questions about their handling of this case, and also a medical examiner ruled a homicide caused by”complications of asphyxia from the atmosphere of physical restraint.”
The upgrade on the study to Prude’s departure came after thousands took to the roads on Friday calling for justice to Prude. It was the greatest crowd gathered in town because the launch of human anatomy camera footage that demonstrated Rochester police officers pinning Prude, 41, on the ground and putting a bag over his head before he lost consciousness.
Throughout the very first confrontation, police declared the demonstration”unlawful,” at which point the group of protesters divide in to two. Most supposedly turned and led to MLK Jr.. Park, but a few continued to face police, throwing stones, bottles and debris.Poice responded with pepper spray and balls.

Protesters carry umbrellas and homemade shields as they face police in Rochester on Friday. (Maranie R. Staab/AFP/Getty Images)

A few thousand people flew East Avenue in downtown, and turned directly on Alexander Street before approaching restaurants using diners eating outside at around 9:35 p.m.
Video footage shows protesters crowding the landing at Swan Dive on Alexander Street. Some cleared tables of people eating outside, inducing the diners to wake up and leave. A seat was thrown toward the construction and quite a few protesters could be heard decrying that behavior.
Minutes afterwards, members of this group crossed the road and entered an outside seating area at Ox and Rock, where several large groups of diners were seated. Chairs were overturned and eyeglasses were hammered on the tables because protesters motioned to your dining groups to get up and leave.
At the moments after, that car started forward and turned right onto East Avenue, along with a guy who had been on top of the vehicle jumped off the back end. Another automobile followed behind, along with the motorist sprayed what appeared to be pepper spray the window out at the group in the street.
Police in Rochester, N.Y., detained 11 people and three officers were injured Friday night after racial justice protests turned violent,

Demonstrators were calling for the resignation of the mayor and police chief, also Prude’s household has accused police of concealing wrongdoing by law enforcement, which police refused.
Video shows one particular officer placing his palms on Prude, who was naked and handcuffed, since he was lying facedown. Another officer can be seen placing his knee on Prude’s back.

The family says it took weeks to find out more about Prude’s departure. Warren has stated she got the complete story in August in the city’s business counsel after an open-records petition from a Prude household lawyer.
“Experiencing and finally dying from a drug overdose while in police custody, as I was told by the chief, is completely different than what I ultimately witnessed about the movie,” Warren said in a statement. “I’ve addressed Police Chief LaRon Singletary how deeply disappointed I am in him professionally and personally for failing to fully and accurately inform me concerning what occurred to Mr. Prude.” The report says Prude’s reason for death comprises”complications of asphyxia in the atmosphere of bodily restraint.” The report showed that Prude had a tiny quantity of PCP in his system at the time of his departure, which might explain his erratic behaviour.

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