London/heathrow has been allowed for new services to Pakistan by Virgin Atlantic.

More flights to Pakistan

London/heathrow has been allowed for new services to Pakistan by Virgin Atlantic. By December 12, a thrice-weekly agency is due to begin between Heathrow and Islamabad. Then, 24 hours later, Lahore has been set to be attached four-times-weekly. All services are verified to be operated by Virgin’s 17-strong fleet of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000-equipped Boeing 787-9s. Juha Jarvinen, chief business officer in Virgin Atlantic,commented:”Pakistan is an extremely exciting opportunity for us — it boasts one of the biggest foreign-born inhabitants in the UK and the US.
“[With the] important opportunity to boost competition in the US-Pakistan marketplace, employing the strength of our transatlantic services, we are able to offer customers the shortest journey to and from destinations in the US such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington by linking through London/Heathrow,” he added.
Additionally, the carrier has stated, with both Pakistan cities being”popular year-round destinations”, need for business and leisure is anticipated to grow, even though COVID-19. Management can also be convinced the new relations will offer a fast and efficient freight assistance, presenting new opportunities for companies seeking to export and import goods like fresh produce and textiles between prime niches.
In combination with the new Heathrow services, Islamabad is also expected to be linked with Manchester Airport on a four-times-weekly basis from December 10.
Meanwhile, British Airways has confirmed a new service between Heathrow and Lahore. The path is proposed to begin on October 12 using 787-8s on a four-times- weekly frequency. The flag carrier flies a thrice-weekly turning to Islamabad, which started in June of this past year. (Photo Flickr Commons/
John Taggart)

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