Kim Kardashian Shares Her Lighting Secret To Appearing Perfect On Zoom

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, however, the girl knows how to operate her angles and how to pull with a professional light setup at a moment’s notice.

While sharing just a snap of her late Sunday night study session (in case you forgot, Kim Kardashian West is about to add Esquire to the end of her epic new name), the social networking superstar gave her followers that the lowdown on her colorful secret to looking her best online. Because actually, how disappointing could it be if Kim looked just like a normal person when she is chatting on Zoom!? Like, this is the woman that changed the world by spreading the word about the Lumee telephone case with a selfie light constructed in.

When Kim Kardashian promoted the Lumee telephone case using the built in ring light a few years back, I bought one in a heartbeat. Now that she is praising still another tool for looking on-point while online, I’m all about Kim’s Zoom light secret. How did I never think of getting a mild for my laptop before??

After observing her laptop at the beginning of a study session, Kardashian chose to her Instagram Stories to figure out her light setup, which featured a thin bar of light that clipped directly to the top of her screen. I just enjoy it”
The light in question is by the company L3 LEDzign, also according to their Instagram webpage, they aren’t a new Kardashian simply stumbled upon at random. “We built them for @kimkardashian,and the whole @kuwtk so their make-up light would match the same light as they shoot the series ,” the company explained in a caption on a place from May.
I am sure Kardashian accepts just the finest when it comes to her Zoom light, so if that L3 LEDzign instrument makes me look even half as great as she seems in her selfies, I most definitely want to get it. Of course, now that she’s encouraged it on her narrative, it’s only a matter of time until it stands –now, the site states the Zoomlite by L3 is low in stock, but still available for only $70.

Our assignment at STYLECASTER would be to bring style to the folks, and we only contain products we think you’ll enjoy as much as we all do. Please be aware that if you buy something by clicking on a link within this story, we might receive a modest commission of the purchase. The tool provides three lighting options: Warm white lighting, Organic white light and Daylight blue lighting.
It is merely a matter of time before Kardashian’s fave is sold out, however when you are still motivated to step up your zoom lighting game, you can shop a few more options below. Guarantee if you ever get the chance to Zoom with Kim, she’ll never know the difference.
The Lume Cube Video Lighting Kit is the most similar to Kim’s beloved setup, just instead of a long, thin rectangle, this one is shorter and wider. It gets the job done for the identical price, though!
Bet you didn’t think a reading light could make you look as a Kardashian, however, think again! The iVict Clip
The Disnadda Selfie Ring Light has a sizable enough clip to fit on both your laptop or phone, so no matter how you video chat, you will be perfectly-lit like a Kardashian.

Should you take your movie calls exclusively in your telephone, the LETSCOM Dimmable Ringlight using Tripod is your perfect choice. The adjustable tripod and remote control lets you create the ideal scene.
While some influencers are still setting up their giant ring lighting tripods supporting their notebook, Kim is enjoying this little, easy to use ZoomLite from L3. The long thin light clips right to the top of your notebook, also comes in 3 distinct types of brightness (Warm White, Natural White and Daylight Blue).

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