Kate Gosselin in the Covid-19 epidemic is living in distress and has to sell her $1 million 200 thousand luxury house in Pennsylvania.

Times are tough for Kate Gosselin.

The 45-year-old has reportedly put her Pennsyl- vania house up for sale in a massive loss. She bought the 1.2 million mansion using exhusband Jon Gos- selin almost 12 years back and won the house in the divorce. However,”without a steady paycheck, Kate’s been struggling to make ends meet,” a source tells Life & Style. “While she is not bankrupt, her financ- es aren’t what they was.” The former nurs- ing student and her fam- ily earned $75,000 per incident of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and now that’s not in- cluding all the freebies. “It costs a great deal of money to look after the kids,” the source notes. “Using a hit TV series had many advantages and that’s all gone, she’s definitely feeling the crunch.” Because of this, TLC canceled the string and cut ties with the sin- gle mother, who had been forced to pay $1,500 in legal costs for her ex. “Kate’s needing to skimp now, which isn’t something she’s had to do in many years,” dishes the origin. “Life is hard for a lot of individuals, including Kate, at the present time.”

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