Injection of Botox during Chrissy Teigen’s third pregnancy to relieve pregnancy pain

The Cravings cookbook author the 34-year-old Bikini version Chrissy Teigen admitted that she’s been getting Botox while pregnant with her third child. However, her reasoning is not for beauty purposes.
Chrissy Teigen has made a name for herself by constantly being open and honest about many parts of her life. She loves a great Twitter Q&A, also frequently has humorous insights into star life.
This week she has spoken candidly about her option to get Botox treatments while pregnant with her third child. (Twitter)

The 34-year-old cookbook author and model tweeted concerning the headaches that she is experienced throughout her pregnancy, and also the way she uses Botox in her neck to alleviate the aching. “Was thrilled to be cleared to do neck muscle botox together with a crazy combo of beta blocker shots and radio wave frequency something doctor stipulations. Anyhow man it’s just so bad but I see the light “
When a follower asked for”more info” about the way Botox helps, Chrissy replied,”Jaw Botox because of my grinding was a MUST for my routine headaches. You might also do behind the forehead for migraines. Life shifting [sic].

Teigen showed off her baby bump in August 2020. (Twitter)

The supermodel added,”Yeah if you’ve got the capacity to attend a neurologist instead of cosmetic it is a lot better and safer because they talk to your OB.”
One other person replied that their doctor would not permit them to have Botox while pregnant, into which Teigen responded that it was better to stop by a neurologist rather than a GP, since they communicate with your OB as well. The crunchy granola mothers are gonna return for you,” one fan warned Teigen, where the star replied,”I certainly don’t care”.
Teigen has been available on her third pregnancy at virtually every step of the way. Just a couple days later she and Legend shared with the joyful news with all the planet, Teigen disclosed she was already pregnant when she had breast implant removal surgery in May. She said she was”terrified” to learn that. She stated a pregnancy test revealed a negative effect before the process, however, it was incorrect. “So we jumped to the boob surgery gods that all would be fine,” Teigen composed. “Went to every single appointment terrified. Even with no operation, I did not believe I can get pregnant naturally anyway. So the chances just felt. . .bad.”
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Cutest Family Moments
That is not the first time in recent months that Chrissy was blunt about her pregnancy travel.
Last month, she also revealed the unexpected manner she along with John Legend found out they had been enlarging their family. As a matter of factthe 34-year-old celebrity confessed she’d no idea she was pregnant after she underwent breast implant removal surgery in June.
“Query… @chrissyteigen just announced she is pregnant. Was she pregnant when she had her surgery in June? I feel as though with her bulge she had to be pregnant before this, but I might be wrong. I am perplexed,” a single Twitter user requested in August.

“Oh, so it’s a significant story. Lol… I did the regular pregnancy check you do before operation. It said negative. It wasn’t negative,” Chrissy responded. “A couple of weeks after operation, I took an examination. And for many decades now, I’ve taken pregnancy tests virtually every month, praying to observe a positive one day. Only wishful thinking. I never needed a positive “
Chrissy explained that she chose to take a pregnancy test ahead of John’s appearance on Good Morning America.
“I woke up with him and was similar to man, if take my monthly test to be disappointed…,” Chrissy recalled.” …I wasn’t disappointed. Was pretty positive you should not get your boobs out while pregnant? Pretty sure.”
“So we prayed to the boob surgery gods that everything would be okay,” she went on. “Went to each single appointment terrified. Even without the operation, I did not think I could get pregnant naturally anyway. So the odds just felt. . .bad.”
Chrissy clarified that everything fell in to place if she least expected it.
“However, what they say often can be accurate. In conclusion, my breasts hurt,” she pointed out, adding,”Also, you guys have seen just how rough these past couple of months were for me here. So now you know why I just added appreciated all of the support and love through all of it, especially as you didn’t even know. You just thought I was in stressful online hell”
As lovers will remember, on Aug. 13, Chrissy declared her pregnancy at a sudden way. For John’s”Wild” music video, the star cradled her growing baby bulge since her husband held on her.

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Before that week, John demonstrated the moment almost didn’t happen in his songs video.
“[Chrissy] was kind of hedging her bets, since we were in our pregnancy,” he told People. “We hadn’t taken all of the tests to make sure everything is fine, and she said,’Let’s just shoot it’ And by the time the movie could be edited, we can choose whether to use that scene.”

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