Has President Trump finally”murdered the sex scandal”?

Making sex scandals Immaterial

Has President Trump finally”murdered the sex scandal”? Asked Ben Ja- cobs. North Carolina Democratic Senate rival Cal Cunningham, 47, has held to his 4 percentage point lead over Republican incum- bent Thom Tillis despite the book of”sexts” showing that he had a tryst with a married California woman. Twenty decades back, a scandal such as this would have been”near catastrophic” to get a mar- ried candidate with just two children like Cunningham, who had been running as a wholesome family guy, Army reservist, and older in his Presbyterian Church. But four decades ago, Trump was elected president just weeks following the release of a video in which he boasted about sexually as- saulting women–a boast a multitude of women said was true. All told, 26 women have accused Trump of sexual assault or rape, with virtually no effect on his support. Since the narrative of his infidelity broke, Cunning- ham has witnessed his unfavorability figures grow, but he remains a viable candidate; he has not suffered the devastating career consequences of, say, Gary Hart, Bob Livingston, or Bill Clinton. In the age of Trump, voters have learned to overlook adultery and sex scandals. They”may hate the sin, but they’ll [still] cast their ballots for the sinner.”

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