Gillian Chung ,Head injury while filming in Xiamen sent to a hospital under Xiamen University.

Edison Chen’s pornographic photos gate one of the leading ladies twins Gillian Chung ,Head injury while filming in Xiamen sent to a hospital under Xiamen University.

The brokerage company did not disclose too much information, did not mention that a Jiao was attacked, which should be an accident. You know, the hotel floor is very slippery, Gillian accidentally fell down is also possible.

Hong Kong star Gillian Chung, 1 half of Cantopop duo Twins, suffered a head injury in an accident in Xiamen, China, and was sent to hospital early Monday morning (Sept 7), Hong Kong media reported.

According to a statement from Emperor Entertainment Group, the accident occurred at about 2am this morning (Sep 7) in her hotel room in Xiamen, where she is filming a new series. However, there are no details about what exactly happened to cause the injury. She has informed her good friend, Th group also updated her bestie and fellow pop star Joey Yung, together with manager Mani Fok were flying out of Beijing to Xiamen.

Singer Joey Yung, also director Mani Fok, and both are in their way out of Beijing to Xiamen to see her, stated the group.

Gillian Chung had 66 stitches on the surface of her head, and Simon yam introduced a plastic surgeon and re sutured the wound. There were hundreds of stitches in total

She reportedly insisted on returning to the film set because she did not want to postpone the filming schedule. But, her boss stopped her from doing this as she wants to stay in the hospital for observation.
It added that it would issue an update later on her ailment.

The 39-year-old actress was allegedly filming a new play in Xiamen and now was supposed to be their very last day of filming. However, Mani was able to persuade Gillian to stay stuck in the hospital and that she fully recovers.

Prior to a jiao has returned to perform, and Joey Yung collectively to take part in the commercial performance, when she and Huo Wen three people were split, so the accident, the most worried or Huo Wen and Joey Yung. A Jiao’s fortune is also quite bad, last year and Lai Hongguo divorce, after she was miserable for quite a very long time, but also how to play, and even once fat. Thought this year Gillian will bounce right back, but unexpectedly suffered an crash, it would appear that Gillian to rest for a time period.
Chung had left the news in May for divorcing Taiwanese aesthetics physician Michael Lai, 31. They married in 2018 and don’t have any kids.
When Gillian and Lai Hongguo divorce, Lai Hongguo media interviews, additionally exposed a great deal of interior, even accused Gillian to not let him signature, and afterwards discovered on the world wide web, Gillian in union, late at night to small fresh meat reward 40,000 yuan. Yesterday a jiao agent Huo Wenxi also accepted an interview, responded to the matter. It’s reported the meat which Gillian benefits is Yu Yanlong, that has signed up with the Emperor and has become the same teacher and younger brother with Gillian. Huo Wenxi revealed that as early as before The attention of Gillian Yu Greenong, the business has noticed himand need to web to the Emperor. Huo Wenxi also revealed a Jiao didn’t understand Yu Greenong, in that time to reward only curious, two individuals have no contact.

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