Gillian Chung had 66 stitches on the surface of her head, and Simon yam introduced a plastic surgeon and re sutured the wound. There were hundreds of stitches in total

Gillian Chung worked in Xiamen and stayed in a hotel. At two o’clock in the morning of September 7, she fell down in the bathroom because of dizziness and hit the edge of a cloud stone, which led to a broken eyebrow. Emperor Entertainment revealed that he was seriously injured, but we don’t know how serious it is. It was not until mani FOK arrived in Xiamen from Beijing for the first time to learn about the situation, and our good friend Joey Yung also rushed to the hospital.

At that time, Mani FOK sent an article to ensure the safety of Gillian Chung, and pasted a picture of Gillian Chung receiving treatment in the hospital, and explained the cause of the matter. At more than 2:00 a.m., Gillian Chung got up to go to the bathroom, and suddenly felt dizzy and fell down. He accidentally hit his head against the marble platform, injuring his right eyebrow bone. She also revealed the condition of the wound. The wound was 6cm long. 66 stitches had been sewn on the first layer of the surface, and hundreds of stitches were sewn from the inner muscle to the epidermis.

In order to keep Gillian Chung’s beautiful appearance, she had a second operation yesterday evening. The agent transferred Gillian Chung to a specialized hospital, while Joey Yung was with her all the way. The plastic surgeon was introduced to Gillian by Simon yam Chung, the top head of cosmetic surgery, took out the stitches and sewed again.

Mani FOK also showed a picture of Gillian Chung when he was in hospital. He was lying in the hospital bed and had dozens of stitches stitched. It’s hard to imagine.

This is a picture of Gillian Chung after surgery. She is wearing a mask and wearing gauze on her forehead. She looks ok except that her eyes look tired. Since Gillian Chung went to the nearest hospital at that time, they later transferred Gillian Chung to a specialized hospital.

Gillian Chung ,Head injury while filming in Xiamen sent to a hospital under Xiamen University.

In the evening of the same day, Gillian Chung was arranged for a second operation. He took out the stitches and sewed the needles again. He was the top surgeon of the cosmetic surgery hospital introduced by Simon yam. I hope it will not be disfigured.

On September 8, Mani FOK again responded to the outside world: Yes, Gillian Chung needs a second operation to re suture the wound, a total of hundreds of stitches. Because I am a plastic surgeon, the stitches are much finer. 66 stitches have been sewn on the first layer of the surface.

After the second operation, the anesthetic may be out of time, so it leads to headache and has taken anti-inflammatory and analgesic links. After that is the eye and forehead position of redness and swelling, choose to use ice to alleviate.

As to whether Gillian Chung’s mother would come, Mani FOK revealed that the party disagreed. Gillian Chung said she was strong and didn’t want her mother to suffer in isolation for 14 days. At that time, Gillian Chung had an accident, and her mother was shocked. If her daughter insisted, she would be more worried.

Fans and most gourmet netizens were very curious about whether Gillian Chung would break his face. At that time, Lin Xinru hit his chin, and even if he wasn’t, he was ridiculed by the Internet for a long time.

Simon yam, a plastic surgeon, thought about the last time he was stabbed. The injury was a two centimeter wide and three centimeter deep wound in the right abdomen and a scratch on the four fingers of his right hand, which was much more serious than Gillian Chung.

However, the position of Gillian Chung’s wound was more serious. It must be Simon yam who introduced Gillian Chung to Gillian Chung because of his excellent medical skills and good recovery.

Gillian Chung’s popularity in the circle is very good. When something goes wrong, everyone recommends the best medical resources to her. The artists of the emperor are even more united and send their blessing in succession. And the director of Gillian Chung is also moving.

Finally, I hope that Gillian Chung can recover soon and return to be beautiful.

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