Ed Sheeran welcomes 1st baby with wife Cherry Seaborn,welcome baby girl named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran: ‘We are on cloud nine’

As summer fades into fall, another generation of kids of celebrities continues to be born. This time, it is Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn’s turn.

Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed their baby daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, last week.
The”Form of You” singer announced the birth of his or her Seaborn’s daughter via Instagram on Tuesday. She has an impressive nameby celebrity-baby standards: Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. In Greek mythology”Lyra” describes the lyre of Orpheus, which he plays in a scene from the ancient Greek epic poem The Argonautica to drown out the hypnotic song of the sirens. It’s also the name of a constellation and is normally represented on maps of the stars within an eagle carrying a lyre. So that is a musical title for your daughter of Ed Sheeran. Not sure what the significance of Antarctica is for Ed and Cherry, but when I had to guess I’d say it had something to do with Cherry’s love of ice hockey? I’ll think about this a little more later.

“Last week, with the help of an amazing delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy girl – Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.
“We are completely in love with her. Both mum and baby are doing amazing and we’re on cloud nine over here. We hope you could respect our privacy at this time. Lots of love and I will see you when it is time to Return, Ed x”

Sheeran has maintained his wife’s pregnancy under wraps, but said of Cherry Seaborn:”Both mum and baby are doing excellent.”
The set have chosen to call their new arrival Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, which may well be a nod to the pop superstar’s favourite Philip Pullman book series, His Dark Materials.
Sheeran would not be the first new parent to leap on the baby name trend of using pop culture references to mention his baby.
The top 100 baby names of this year were released a week with popular culture playing a huge role in the choices of brand new parents.
While Lyra didn’t make the record, Dua – thanks to singer, Dua Lipa, and Kylo, due to Star Wars’ Kylo Ren, both ranked in the top 100.
“Popular culture continues to influence the infant names landscape.
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In the Instagram article, Sheeran wrote:”Ello! A quick message from me since I have some personal news that I wanted to discuss with you… weekly, with the support of an amazing delivery group, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter – Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.
“We’re totally in love with her. Both mum and baby are doing amazing and we’re on cloud nine around here. We hope that you can respect our privacy at this time. A Great Deal of love and I’ll see you when it is time to come back, Ed x”
Back in 2015, Sheeran explained His Dark Materials as”the best books I’ve ever read” at a Twitter post, which may indicate where the odd name originated from.

The award-winning adventure books follows two lead characters, Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, as they travel through parallel universes.
The provenance of this middle name, Antarctica, is less apparent, but one eagle-eyed fan did point out that Sheeran was in Antarctica nine months ago.
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The former school friends got married in a low-key ceremony at his estate in Framlingham, Suffolk, at 2018 and he officially declared Seaborn’s pregnancyhe did announce he had been taking a rest at December 2019.

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In the post, Sheeran stated:”I have been a bit noninvasive since 2017 so I’m just gonna take a breather to travel, write and read. I’ll be off social websites until it’s time to come back again.”
The only post he has composed in 2020 is to announce the arrival of his baby, but the singer still signed off saying”see you when it is time to come back”, indicating his hiatus is not over just yet.
Sheeran and Seaborn wed in February 2019 at a secret service with just 40 guests in attendance, following dating since 2015. Cherry reportedly works as a senior adviser in a risk-advisory and bookkeeping firm and moonlights as a professional hockey player. Here is the couple’s first child.
This past year, the couple emerged in their very first music video together because of his single”Put everything on Me” where they were observed in their London apartment dance and cuddling for the camera.
Sheeran’s latest album”No. 6 Collaborations Project” premiered in 2019 to much success, becoming the second fastest selling album in 2019, according to the Official UK Charts Company.
Beneath every couple was a caption with a explanation of how they fell in love. For Sheeran and Seaborn, it read:”Back in high school, Ed and Cherry were devastating hard.”

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