Diamond DA20-C1 and DA50 RG

Diamond DA20-C1 and DA50 RG
The single-engine-piston side of the house at Diamond Aircraft has made forward progress through the third quarter of 2020, with the restart of creation of its own two-seat training plane, the DA20-C1, and debut of its retractable-gear single, the DA50 RG.

This time around, new DA20-C1s are outfitted with a G500 TXi avionics suite. The aircraft is still powered by a 125 hp Continental IO-240 engine. The DA20–originally introduced in 1992 and created in two variants–is certified as a utility-category aircraft and is broadly used for primary training using its own capacity for spin training. With 7 million flight hours logged across the DA20 fleet on earth, the airplane sees high use, with an unlimited lifetime on the airframe. The first brandnew 2020 DA20-C1s were delivered in August 2020, and the company is taking new orders for delivery in 2021.
The G500 TXi avionics suite can act as part of a multidisplay program or as a standalone PFD, MFD or EIS display. For its installation in a single-engine piston aircraft such as the DA20, users may decide on a joint EIS/MFD split-screen configuration with a moving-map display. The PFD’s arrangement contains a horizontal-situation-indicator-mapping attribute, allowing for an MFD-quality map screen to be looked at along with directional and attitude details. Retail price for US requests for a standard-equipped DA20-C1 start at $279,800. The most recent entrant to Diamond’s single-enginepiston line, the DA50 RG, achieved a significant milestone in September, using its certificate under the European Union Aviation Safety Agency secured. EASA certificate allows for deliveries to begin inside the EU from the first quarter of 2021, according to the organization.
Diamond Aircraft surfaced the DA50 RG at June, clearly well on its way to acceptance. The five-seat retract is powered by an EASA-certified,twinturbocharged, liquid-cooled, six-cylinder 300 hp Continental CD-300, that comes with a double redundant full-authority-digital-engine-control system with direct injection, an integrated gear box and propeller governor. The motor utilizes diesel fuel, such as jet-A, and the company projects an average fuel consumption of 9 gph in the aircraft’s predicted maximum variety.
The new version will even purportedly feature Diamond’s famous low-speed-handling f light attributes, facilitated by double-slotted flaps for high lift, in an all-carbon composite airframe. Up front, the DA50 RG will provide a Garmin avionics suite, including the G1000 NXi using a three-axis GFC 700 autopilot coming standard. The Diamond Aircraft group has done a tremendous job to make this possible,” says Liqun”Frank” Zhang, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Austria. “Together with the DA50 RG, we are introducing an innovative 21st-century retract single which we’re convinced that the market is missing” FAA approval is presently under development, together with that certificate expected by the end of 2021.

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