Covid-19 outbreaks are now rippling throughout the Midwest and Mountain West, with 12 states–including Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, the Dakotas, and New Mexico–reporting record seven-day new-case averages.

Still another Covid wave batters the U.S.

What occurred
New coronavirus instances in the U.S. shot back above 60,000 per day per week, a 70 percent increase since mid-September, as Americans affected”pandemic exhaustion” stopped practicing social distancing and began seeing family and friends .

Patrons inside a Milwaukee bar: Not distancing

Important Covid-19 outbreaks are now rippling throughout the Midwest and Mountain West, with 12 states–including Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, the Dakotas, and New Mexico–reporting record seven-day new-case averages. “People are dying each night,” explained Carolyn Sienko, a nurse at Aspirus Wausau Hospital. “This virus is merely beating them.”
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious-disease specialist, warned that many nations are”going in the incorrect direction” because the cold winter months approach and that cases could spike higher since people spend more time indoors, where transmission danger is greater. On a call with campaign staff, President Trump said Americans were”tired of hear- ing Fauci and each of these idiots” and were ready to move on in the pandemic. Trump has largely sidelined Fauci and other experts on his coronavirus task force in favour of Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist who last week tweeted”Masks work? NO.” Atlas has publicly embraced the so-called Great Barrington Declaration, a contentious document from a libertarian think tank that advocates letting the virus propagate freely among young people to achieve”herd immunity”
We’re all tired of this coronavirus, Mr. President, said The Washington Post. Americans are tired by grief and the neces- sity of subsequent social-distancing rules that slow transmission but include”enormous costs to education and the economy.” Trump’s antidote to this misery is”wishful thinking.” He proceeds to block a nationwide testing plan, promote reckless behaviour, and mock prudence. Sticking our heads in the sand is only going to produce”more unemployment, more sickness, more distress.”
There’s not much else our government can do, said The Wall Street Journal. But those draconian restric- tions did not stick. Economic necessity forced Spain, Germany, France, and other countries to innovate, and Europe is currently recording more new infections per capita than the U.S.. These battles prove that,”short of a perfect vaccine, there’s absolutely no magic solution to Covid.”
What the columnists said There are good reasons why Atlas along with other proponents of herd immunity are in the scienti?c minority,” said John Barry at The New York Times. Yes, most healthy people endure the coronavirus, however, studies reveal many suffer long-term harm to the heart and lungs. Then there is the question of exactly how we would shield vulnerable people while allowing the virus run rampant. Can you truly protect a cancer survivor, a parasitic, or a obese individual who needs to go to work daily? Especially, Atlas and company don’t mention how many people would perish on the route to herd resistance, which could need 60 percent of Americans to get infected. Models indicate over a thousand will die.
Trump ought to be running on, not from, his album about the pandemic, said Jim Geraghty at Operation Warp Speed, the $11 billion White House initiative to fast-track vaccines and therapeutics, looks like a large scale success. Two vaccines could
Be accessible by the end of the calendar year, and experimental antibody cocktails–like the one which helped Trump bounce back from his bout with the virus–will soon be available to normal patients. Those are accomplishments”worth observing.”
But Trump can not bring himself to take the virus said Paul Waldman in, and that is why he keeps slipping in the polls. A mere 33 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s answer to the Covid crisis, according to a new Associated Press poll. Yet Trump keeps digging his own grave, saying Joe Biden, if chosen,”will listen to scientists” The election will probably be”a refer- endum about the pandemic”–a vote Trump seems determined to lose.

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