Bette Midler called Melania Trump an ‘illegal alien’ in a Twitter rant on Tuesday

Bette Midler is no stranger to talking from the Trump administration, but her latest comments amid the Republican National Convention are making her a few backlash. On Tuesday, as the RNC entered its next night, Midler chose Twitter to mock First Lady Melania Trump’s accent as she left her address from the Rose Garden, remarks that some sensed crossed a line.

The Hocus Pocus actress has been deemed”racist” by a few after her converse poked fun at Mrs. Trump’s accent and speech abilities.

The award-winning actress, 74, launched a tirade from Melania on Twitter where she said:’Oh, God. She can’t speak English.’ A UGE bore! She is able to speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

Midler tweeted to her 1.9 million followers.
Another tweet reads:”Are you actually mocking an immigrant who became the First Lady of the United States for her accent?”
While another person wrote:”My Mother and many immigrants to this nation have an accent due to English being their second, third, fourth largest language…@BetteMidler = xenophobe.”

The backlash to Midler was swift on social networking.
Midler was instantly branded a’racist’ and’xenophobe’ by critics such as Piers Morgan, and accused of’dunking within an immigrant’ who became a US citizen after emigrating from Slovenia in the 1990s.
Even ferocious critics of Donald Trump said Melania’s accent wasn’t a’legitimate reason’ to criticize the first woman.
Some pointed out that Melania Trump is thought to speak five languages.

Alongside her native Slovenian, the First Lady said in a 2016 interview with MSNBC that she’s also fluent in English, French, Italian, and German, though this asserts remains unproven. Melania: Slovenian, English, Italian, French, and German.” How woke of you, Bette Midler.”
However, Midler’s joke has been defended by a few, with one tweet reading:”It would really mean something when the people mad at Bette Midler for her bad tweet mocking Melania Trump’s English didn’t support a President who locks up immigrant children, complains black and brown people come out of ***hole countries and mocks, well, everyone.”
She continued her rant by calling Melania that an’awful person’ that’lacks warmth so badly that I simply had to turn my AC down’.
After mocking the first female’s Eastern European accent, she promptly came under fire from critics who said the comment was an unfair personal attack.
Piers Morgan parodied Midler’s words by saying:’Oh, God.

The First Lady gave her address in the rose garden of The White House, something that has never been achieved before. There has ever been a figurative wall between 1600 Pennsylvania and campaign addresses. President Trump also appeared during the broadcast in The White House, and he brought fire dragging the army to the campaign. Two members of the army opened the doors as Trump made his entry.
Throughout her address, the very first of this year’s RNC addresses to be held in front of a crowd, the first woman provided a more humble tone than what had been heard on night , addressing the numerous crises occurring in the country. Talking on the coronavirus pandemic, Trump expressed her gratitude to people working on the front lines and said,”my deepest sympathy goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one and my prayers are with people who are ill or distress.” She referenced the societal unrest sparked by the police killings of Black Americans, urging”people to come together in a civil manner so we can live and work up to our regular American ideals”
As for Midler’s remarks… she is in fact an American citizen. As some pointed out in reacting to Midler… Mrs. Trump speaks 5 languages, Slovenian, English, Italian, Italian and French.
Melania Trump was the only speaker up to now in the RNC who addressed the suffering countless Americans are dealing with in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic.

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